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Joyce Vincent is officially recognized as one of the original members of the renowned singing/performing group “Tony Orlando & Dawn.” She became an international celebrity in the early 70’s alongside Tony Orlando and Telma Hopkins. Together they collected three number 1 records, 14 top 40 singles, and a hugely popular CBS-TV weekly variety program that ran for 3 years. On-stage Tony Orlando & Dawn were always a trio, although all of their records feature 4 voices. Joyce's sister Pam Vincent is the 4th member of Tony Orlando & Dawn. In 1989 when Telma Hopkins left the trio Pam officially replaced her as a performing member of the trio.

In 1977 when Mary Wilson left the Supremes for a solo career Joyce Vincent was chosen to take her place. It was decided by Motown to disband The Supremes before Joyce officially joined. From the late 1970's through to today Joyce, and her sister Pam have continued to be in high demand as background stage and recording artists. Through her musical associations, Joyce has had the opportunity to perform and record with some of entertainment’s best including Dionne Warwick, Freda Payne, and Smokey Robinson and many many more!

In 2009 Joyce was invited to join The Former Ladies of The Supremes, alongside former Motown Supremes Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence. Together their trio continues to keep the legacy, style, glamour and music of the Supremes alive. Joyce has performed worldwide with the ladies and her extensive travel has taken her all over the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Joyce Vincent is proud of her musical history and music production and continues to present her vocal talents in the studio and on stages worldwide.

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