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In 1980, after obtaining backing for his first production,  Rick teamed up with Tom DePierro and Altair Records was born. 

The first release, "Chanson D'Llegance" actually came out prior to the label logo being created so it was released on the Airwave label with a printed reference to Altair Records. Altairs label logo was then created and former Supremes' singer, Scherrie Payne's released, "I'm Not in Love." immediately followed by Love Twins, "Miami Heatwave," Both singles went into heavy rotation on KUTE 102, the west coast counterpart to WBLS.  Rick's next single with Scherrie Payne was "One Night Only," the hit song from Dreamgirls the Broadway show.

After this, Rick started working with Nightwave Records, a local Los Angeles independent label, which was having huge success with "Dancing in my Sleep." They had several other successful releases, including Abby, "Take My Heart," Jayne Edwards, "Rhythm of Your Lives," and an all-star Supremes showcase, led by John Kydd, "Up the Ladder to the Roof."


Rick then put Altiar on hold to focus on working with long time colleague, Ian Levine from MotorCity Reunion recordings.

In 1994, Altair came back to life again with Supreme Voices, a group that brought together former ladies of the Supremes, Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence and Sundray Tucker (Lynda's sister).

After a break from the record industry, Rick returned in 2006 with RGP Music Group and the Altair Label along with Improved Records.  He re-issued a CD single of Scherrie's "One Night Only" on Altair and has continued forward with new releases under the corporate name RGP Entertainment Group, Inc. 

Rick's releases have also included singles from The Peace Project, Pattie Brooks, Jessica Williams, Scherrie Payne, Linda Clifford and Kim Yarbrough.

Albums include "Vintage Scherrie", a career collection of Scherrie Payne and Supreme Voices, "The Collection" featuring the Former Ladies of the Supremes, Jean Terrel, Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence and Cindy Birdsong.

Future releases include a remix collection of Dreamgirls Dance Project and Albums on some of the Altair artiste roster.  

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