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Scherrie Payne started her career in show business as the lead singer of the Detroit based group "The Glass House." They signed to the Invictus label in 1969 and saw their biggest hit with the track "Crumbs Off The Table" (written by Scherrie), which charted on the Billboard Top 10. Between 1969 and 1972, The Glass House released 2 albums and 9 singles, including Scherrie's solo track, "V.I.P." They quietly disbanded in 1972 after the release of their album, Thanks, I Needed That.

In 1973, Scherrie Payne became the final lead singer of Motown's legendary recording group "The Supremes." Known affectionately by fans as “The little lady with the big voice” & The Payne killer,” Scherrie quickly established herself as a fan-favourite among the Supremes’ worldwide fan base. Lead vocal sparks flew from Scherrie Payne from 1973 to 1977 on three Supremes’ Albums. “He’s My Man,” “I’m Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking,” "Let Yourself Go;" and “You’re My Driving Wheel” were the singles that Scherrie sang lead on in Motown’s closing chapter of The Supremes. In June 1977, The Supremes (Scherrie Payne, Mary Wilson & Susaye Greene) performed their final farewell concert and the group was officially retired.

In 1979, Scherrie Payne and Susaye Greene recorded an album together on the Motown label titled "Partners." The critically acclaimed album was written and produced by the duo and featured the single "Leaving Me Was The Best Thing You've Ever Done," which was written by Scherrie.

After leaving Motown, Scherrie signed with Rick Gianatos Productions. The initial recording was “I’m Not in Love,” featuring Mary Wilson, Sister Freda Payne, and Edmund Sylvers on Background Vocals. Scherrie and Rick were both inspired by the version released by Dee Dee Sharp. It was released as the first single under Rick’s Altair Records imprint. They also recorded a follow-up single, “Chasing Me Into Somebody Else’s Arms,” which was not released at the time. Moving Altair Records to Megatone Records, Scherrie and Rick cut “One Night Only,” a key song from the play Dreamgirls. It was in the ads promoting the play, and Rick thought it was a hit. It was!

In 1985, Rick released Scherrie from her contract in order to record her first solo album for Superstar International Records which contained several duets with Phillip Ingram.

The following year Scherrie Payne returned to work with Rick Gianatos, who had teamed with British producer Ian Levine, where they released “Pure Energy” on Ian’s Nightmare Label. It was co-written by Scherrie. Rick began working on Ian’s Motown reunion project, and after busy recording sessions in Detroit, he brought Scherrie into the fold on the LA Sessions to record solo material, including the powerful “Who’s Wrong, Who’s Right,” written by Scherrie, and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” a vocal twist on the famous version by Diana Ross He also exclusively produced Jean, Scherrie and Lynda of the Supremes for Ian. Original tracks and covers were produced, as well as material with The Originals, including original song “Back By Popular Demand” and a cover of “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me.”

In 1986, Scherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence & Jean Terrell – all former members of Motown’s Supremes – joined together. Their vision was to rekindle the glamour, style and music of The Supremes. The name for the trio was a natural evolution..."The Former Ladies of The Supremes." After Jean Terrell's departure in 1992, and Lynda Laurence's in 2017, the trio continued, and today they are joined by the Grammy Nominated and American Music Award winner, Joyce Vincent - of Tony Orlando & Dawn" fame.

Scherrie's trio has performed live in concert and appeared on TV shows throughout the USA, Europe, the Middle East and the Orient. These international appearances have allowed the world to experience again the music, charm, and elegance of this timeless act on a grand scale. They have released several studio albums such as the fan favorite, Supreme Voices.

In the summer of 2000, Diana Ross and The Supremes began their “Return to Love” tour. The tour rolled out with Diana Ross, Scherrie Payne and Lynda Laurence as The Supremes trio. The production included a 14-piece band, a 48-piece orchestra, and a 12-member dance troupe. The Ladies appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "The View," "The Today Show," and VH1's "Diva's" special.


2016 marked the 30th Anniversary of The Former Ladies of The Supremes. The Ladies celebrated with a special performance at the Catalina Jazz club and were presented with plaques commemorating their accomplishment. Respected Motown historian Sharon Davis noted that “This trio is authentically keeping the legend alive.”

When Scherrie is not recording and performing all over the world with her group, she is an avid writer and has written over 20 screenplays and 3 stage plays. In September 2012 her stage play "It Always Rains On Sunday" was produced by Donald Welch and had a 3-day sold out run in Los Angeles, CA. In Scherrie's next production "A Lady In Waiting" (also produced and directed by Donald Welch) two actresses were nominated by the NAACP Theater Awards in the best supporting actress category. In June of 2017 Scherrie presented her first musical "The Dreamseekers" at the Secret Rose theater in North Hollywood, CA.

Scherrie continues to perform alongside former Supremes Susaye Greene and Joyce Vincent as Scherrie and Susaye, Formerly of The Supremes. She is also finishing her next album, Vintage Scherrie Vol. 2, currently delayed due to Covid restrictions.


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