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Valaire Maxfield AKA Valerie M or Maxfield commonly known, is a singer/songwriter who has been around the world countless times to wherever the music takes her.

Valarie sang ‘Good Rhyme’ A classic late 90's hit with the first UK Garage Band Da Click.

She then became the frontwoman for the Iconic Band ‘Groove Armada’ and also ‘The Freestylers’ and her band Maxfield. 
All along Valarie wanted to write "her story" and become a presenter on TV. When the pandemic started in in 2020 it gave Valerie a chance to take a step back and reflect, as a burgeoning work schedule did not allow such a breathing space and in time she decided that rather than watch everyone using Instagram Live, she’ll just create her own show STANDING IN MY TRUTH.

Her shows highlight the daily plights, well-being, music, sports, all of the topics that Valerie resonates with. Instead of sharing these stories, herself, she decided to interview others who needed a platform to tell their stories.

From the grassroots football coaches to the volunteers, cancer suffers, to introducing new and old musicians to the world. Frontline key workers. People re-marketing themselves and just ordinary folks who just want to talk.

Whilst doing her research, she stumbled on golden nuggets, gems of people who are making a difference and wanting to share.

And STANDING IN MY TRUTH was created.

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